RM16 rotatable side mount... DISCONTINUED

Rotatable antenna sidemount for all popular towers. Mounts on one of the legs with six 1 1/2 u bolts. Antenna rotation is 300 degrees and the rotor shelf accepts higain and yeasu rotators as standard. The 2 rotor shelfs are unpainted. The arm spaces the mast pipes 26 inches apart and a longer outside mast can hold 2 small antennas stacked over each other. A bearing can be installed on the top bracket. Necessary hardware is supplied. The customer supplies the rotor pipe and the antenna pipe due to different antenna configurations that are possible. Ships in one box at 43 pounds. 289.00 plus shipping, unpainted

       RM2 pole/ building mount

The mount consists of two unpainted brackets same construction as used on the rm-16 mount and will mount either Higain or Yeasu rotators and bolt to the side of a telephone pole, brick chimmy or building wall where those impossible beam antenna installations are now made possible. A standard 2 inch o.d. mast is used with the rotor and brackets. The rm-2 mount consists of a rotor shelf bracket and a bearing sleeve bracket with the customer supplying the mounting hardware. .... 189.00 plus shipping , unpainted .






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