Installing large beam antennas on roof quad pods may sometime require additional support to provide resistance to high wind loading conditions that could damage the roof structure since it will probably be the weak link in the system. Steel is stronger than wood and the possibility will exist that the mounting bolts of the roof tower could pull through the roof or tear part of it off if the wind load gets high enough. This is where the guy anchors come into play. They are designed to easily fasten onto any surface with the proper fasteners and provide an attachment point for additional guy wires to stabilize the tower. The anchor plate has three holes for mounting and screw-in lag bolts through the the roof sheeting into the rafters would be the ideal situation. If this is not possible the anchor plate could be attached to some other structure in the vicinity that provided more support. The guy anchors are fabricated from 1/4 inch thick steel plate and are hot dipped galvanized for long life. Attachment of guy wires to the top of a roof tower will increase the stability by quite a bit in high wind situations and allow the larger beam antennas to be utilized by people who could not have a regular tower.



The TG-1 tower guy anchor will provide a way to attach guy wires to most types of tube leg towers. The anchor can be attached to tower  Leg diameters from 1 to 1 1/2 inches and is hot dipped galvanized.

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