IIX GP GIN POLE PULLEY


   This pulley is used with all  ginpoles , constuction is 1/4 inch steel with an aluminum pulley wheel that will accept up to a 3/4 o.d. rope.  The pulley will fit any masting up to 2" o.d., it is secured by tightening the press bolt against the mast.  The pulley axle is a 3/8" bolt with the pulley hole drilled oversize 1/32" to provide clearance so the pulley cannot jam.  With human lifting power this arrangement has worked very well for 35 years.  A pair of sealed bearings can be installed in the pulley wheel if desired for an extra 70.00 to cover parts and machining, but is  ever really needed in most tower installations.

GP PULLEY 109.00 plus shipping


THE GIN POLE,  many people ask: What is a gin pole? Why use a gin pole to do tower work? How do you use it? Well, lets talk about it. The foremost consideration when performing tower and antenna work above ground level is HUMAN SAFETY. A gin pole, or raising fixture, provides this safety by giving the tower climber the needed heavy lifting ability the ground person provides. A gin pole consists of 3 basic parts: (1) a pulley assembly to provide mechanical advantage when lifting, (2) a pole to gain height needed for the lift, and (3) the clamp assembly to attach everything to the tower. Typically the ground person does the heavy lifting, while the tower person above has the freedom to guide and fasten the tower and antenna components together. To use a gin pole, assemble the clamp and pulley on a 2 inch o.d. pipe 10 to 15 feet long. To erect a tower, first install a tower section on the concrete pad and attach the gin pole on the upper part of this section. Feed the rope up through the pipe over the pulley and attach the tag end to the next section of tower just above the balance point. Raise this section up over the first section by pulling on the gin pole rope and attach it to the bottom section with fasteners. Repeat this process until the tower is erected, then use the gin pole to lift the rotor, mast, and antennas into place. The pulley can be adjusted to any desired height by loosening the clamp t bolt and sliding up or down the pipe to help install these components. Always pull the load up against the side of the tower to minimize the stress on the tower and the gin pole. When a high lifting angle is used to raise the load (to clear trees, obstructions, ect) , the stress put on the tower and gin pole pipe could become severe and possibly uncontrollable. This method is as dangerous as using a power winch or vehicle to raise tower sections or antennas and have a binding situation occur that goes unnoticed until the force becomes excessive and a failure in the tower, gin pole or lift line.  Gin pole kits are designed to lift loads using human power and should never be used with any type of mechanical power. Proper use of a gin pole provides a controllable and safe method to erect and maintain a tower and antenna assembly, use it!


GP21X GIN POLE KIT                                                             


Fits stamped open leg towers such as Rohn HDBX tower. Kit contains 2 clamps and a pulley assembly to erect this type of tower . This gin pole kit will fit most any type of tower configuration up to 3 inches weather it is tubing, open leg or a structural shape. The clamps are not quick release and require the removal of 2 wing nuts each time the clamps are moved. The kit contains 2 clamps and a pulley assembly that will accept 3/4 inch rope, the customer must supply a 10 foot or longer piece of a suitable mast pipe.       

GP21X gin pole kit  329.00 plus shipping

Fits all the popular towers with legs made of tubing sized from 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch o.d. This size range will cover most amateur, citizens band and commercial tower applications. There is an adjustment for the different leg sizes. The kit contains 1 quick release clamp assembly and 1 pulley assembly with the customer furnishing his own 10 foot or longer mast pipe.

GP81 gin pole kit    309.00 plus shipping


GP-51S GIN POLE KIT Fits towers with close spaced "w" bracing where a standard gin pole will not work. Examples are towers manufactured by Triex and HiGain which use this close spacing on the braces. The clamp is the same as the gp-81,but has a portion of the middle cut out to fit around the tower's braces. Kit consists of 1 clamp and 1 pulley assembly with the customer supplying his own masting.

GP 51S gin pole kit    349.00 plus shipping


This kit was developed to fit the growing in popularity TRYLON tower that has a 60 degree leg shape and requires a custom made ginpole to do the job.  the two clamps feature all welded steel construction and the pulley is a standard IIX ginpole pulley. This ginpole fits all sections of a 96 ft Trylon tower and also the AN WIRELESS TOWERS with 60 degree legs..

GP31T gin pole kit  419.00 plus shipping



       BP-1 TOWER  SNATCH  BLOCK                         BP-1X TOWER SNATCH BLOCK

Attach the snatch block down at the bottom of the tower and feed the rope down from the ginpole thru the snatch block pulley and out to the ground crew standing away from the tower to pull up the load out of the fall zone of anything above. The BP-1 will fit tower legs from 1 to 2 inches in outside diameter.  BP-1 snatch block   119.00 plus shipping The BP-1X tower Snatch block is for 60 degree tower legs  such as Trylon and AN wireless towers

BP1X snatch block   159.00 plus shipping



All gin poles kits are made of heavy duty electric welded steel to last a lifetime. each gin pole kit contains the necessary clamp and pulley assemblies and will ship U.P.S. The pipe is purchased locally by the customer in the desired length. A 2 inch o.d. pipe of sufficient strength that the customer has on hand will work fine with these gin pole kits. The length of pipe for average amateur and cb work should be 10 feet or longer to handle tower sections and antennas.