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This is a collection of tower equipment I have been making for the past 35 years to fill the need of the amateur radio community. Some of it was a copy of  tools already in use for a long time, but others were invented to fill a need for other types of towers  that appeared through the years. I have made a number of special items for the hams also, but the gin poles have been the mainstay tool to do tower work. Along with these tools the people doing the work must have a mind set that safety is the up most thought in their mind. Many factors can make tower work dangerous and every step should be thought about in detail along with every possible problem that could take place.


          GP81 GIN POLE KIT          GP21X GIN POLE KIT  










         GP 81 GIN POLE KIT 10 left


  This gin pole kit is for tube leg towers 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" o.d. An optional bolt in set of sleeves will allow connection to legs as small as 7/8 inch. The clamp is quick release on the legs and the pulley will take a rope of 3/4" diameter and clamp on any mast pipe of 2" o.d., but a 1 1/2" plumbing pipe has an o.d. of 1.900 in and will work also ok. The finish is silver paint. price is 300.00 plus shipping. 



                         GP21X GIN POLE KIT 1 LEFT

   The 21x kit will provide lift for many types of  tube leg towers, stamped leg towers and structual steel leg towers and other structures that the two clamps can be attached to. They can clamp from 7/8" o.d. legs up to a 3" tube and 4" is possible with longer clamp bolts.  The clamps can be spaced apart as necessary and will fit mast pipes up to 2 inch o.d. The clamps are not quick release and one wing nut must be removed from each clamp to change their position. The pulley is the standard kit pulley and the finish is silver paint. Price is 320.00 plus shipping



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